• Source Hard-To-Find and Innovative Instruments

  • Spine, Trauma and Reconstructive Procedure Sets

  • Simplified Supply Chain Management

Avalign Surgical Division

Avalign sells premium surgical instruments to hospitals, distributors, and orthopedic equipment manufacturers around the world. With expertise in both German Surgical Instruments
and in sourcing specialty surgical instruments, Avalign makes it easy to get the instruments you need for any application.


Comprehensive German Surgical Instruments
Avalign Surgical Instruments simplifies your supply chain management. We handle sourcing, private label branding, distribution warehousing, and shipment for all of the surgical tools you require. From orthopedics and neurology to ophthalmology and general surgery, Avalign makes it easy to source and private label surgical instruments for a broad spectrum of surgical specialities. Our Surgical Instruments division serves three distribution channels:


Hospital Distributors
Convert sales orders from the field and drop ship private label instruments to your hospital.
Contact GSI Customer Service at 847.908.0292 or via email.


Orthopedic Equipment Manufacturers
Include German surgical instruments in your spine, trauma, and reconstructive orthopedic procedure sets.
Find your GSI sales representative.


Hospital Direct
Order branded products directly to your hospital from Millennium Surgical’s online catalog.
View Millennium Surgical’s comprehensive catalog.


Leading Provider of Surgical Instruments
As a leading provider of surgical instruments, Avalign Surgical Instruments delivers premium quality, engineering, and manufacturing. Trusted by hospitals, orthopedic OEMs, and distributors across the country, Avalign streamlines your procurement process at an exceptional value.


Partner with Avalign for top quality surgical instruments. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive product sourcing and our international German Specialty Instrument manufacturing and distribution.